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Life is a creative and spiritual journey

Life is a creative and spiritual journey...

Creative since it’s a performance spread across several acts. Life is about feeling, authenticity, uniqueness, imagination and self-reinvention.

Life is Spiritual because of identity, meaning, purpose, connection and the journey itself. It’s about community, contribution, holism, energy and our relationship with the physical environment we live in.

The statements above might seem obvious, but came as somewhat of an epiphany to me after spending months reflecting on all that had happened in the first season of the Total Life Complete podcast, and in my journey to launch Total Life Complete as a force for good in Dallas.

Yes, there are lots of places to poke and prod looking for a better life. We should find meaningful work, develop strong relationships and manage our physical and mental health for starters. I'd said as much in my own book The Good Life Book. Those areas made up three of the Five Pillars... with, you guessed it, Spirit and Expression rounding out the last two.

But when I found myself looking for a path forward, or helping someone else to their path, I inevitably dipped into a creative-spiritual toolkit to find a solution. I wondered if it was that these two areas are viewed by many of us a mystical, rather than a process, ongoing practices and a mindset that we don't take full advantage of creativity and spirituality in our lives?

As I looked forward to the way work and society would likely change over the next years, I couldn't help thinking that we all need to develop our creative and spiritual capabilities, not only to thrive, but even to survive.