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Living a good life

The past few months have been busy finishing the manuscript for The Good LIfe Book which is scheduled to be available in Feb/Mar 2017 (and hopefully for pre-order before then).

The Good LIfe Book and related business Total Life Complete are now broadening their social media footprint. You can find The Good Life Book on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Last weekend marked the first test seminar for The Good Life book in Dallas. The energy of the group was amazing and I look forward this week to kick off "Circle Help" for those wanting to share their circles exercise with others.

Total Life Complete is now on Facebook. More importantly the first TLC Social Club experience has been held in Dallas. Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event so magical. Total Life Complete experience events seek to combine learning, meeting other people and having fun. The Italian Wine Experience took participants on a tour around Italy's wine regions and the story of wine and life.

Please contact us via the TLC Facebook page to request a TLC Social Club experience or good life book seminar in your city!