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What is Total Life Complete?

Total Life Complete is an approach-a philosophy and a set of practices-for looking at, and for living life. It is what I hold up every day as a vision and a yardstick for how I’m spending my time on the planet.

I think that it is easiest to explain first the two parts, then the whole…

Total Life.

Total Life is another way of saying living in a holistic and multi-dimensional way. Holistic means looking after the body, mind and soul. Multi-dimensional means looking out for the key pillars in your life and how you interact with others: Vocation (meaningful work), Health, People, Spirit and Expression (creativity/growth). A Total Life is by definition balanced since you know and follow those things that are most meaningful and important to you across all of the parts of your life. A Total Life is one that is open to experience and growth, including growth through helping others. It is one where you know yourself and are comfortable in your own skin. A Total Life is an authentic one in which you express your values through how you live.

Complete Life.

Complete Life is your experience of life, specifically how you invest your energy and time in a range of world-experiences, and make habits that make you feel alive, yet also align, challenge and build on who you are at your core (i.e. Total Life). As the name suggests world-experiences are the range of sensory and experiential activities, and relationships that we can engage and be present in, outside of our own minds, in the physical world. A Complete Life is about more than just having fun, since often we feel most alive when we’re pushed outside our comfort zone or encounter something fresh or novel. We feel alive when we’re placed in a situation to have an experience that stretches our mind, body and soul in a meaningful way.

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Total Life Complete.

Total Life is the engine that provides the energy to live a good life with purpose and direction. Complete Life is the sum total of experiences that become your life. Total Life Complete is how you apply your personal flair to shape how you live that life.

You could think of Total Life Complete visually with “Total” on the X-axis and “Complete” on the Y-axis of a graph. Total represents the pillars or foundation of life, and Complete represents our expression of those pillars in the world.

The Total Life Complete mindset is about seeking personal knowledge and growth and being open to quality experiences that you create or are part of and that make your life better (and perhaps make the lives of others better too). These type of peak experiences have the potential to trigger pivotal moments in your lifeline and to create memories in the pilot reel of your life.

Total Life Complete is about cutting through the noise and complexity of our modern lives, and living musically. Applying the timeless fundamentals to create something uniquely us.