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    PODCAST: EP27 - Damon K Clark

    We talk music, cults, cooking and why you can make it in Dallas. Scroll down for SoundCloud player, get it where you get your podcasts or click HERE

    Brett Cowell

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    Ascending Growth - Trailer

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    Brett Cowell

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    Brett Cowell

    How to do what you love and get paid for it

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    December 14, 2022
    How would you perceive yourself if you could look into your own life from afar, as a distant...
    December 2, 2022
    What will it take for you to change? Despite our best intentions, often it takes some sort of...
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  • Brett Cowell

    Promoting cultural change through creativity.


    Author: The Good Life Book, Ascending Growth

    Host/Producer: Total Life Complete TV, b-side, complete, Brett Cowell Show

    Founder: Total Life Complete LLC

    Producer/DJ: Techno/Punk/EBM 

    Business Advisor/Consultant


    See my short bio HERE and full bio at LinkedIn


    Twitter: @brett_media


    Creativity. Leadership. Lifestyle.


    As I continue to explore life, and my identity as an artist, I seek to create entertainment and shared experiences that help people express themselves, become better leaders, and make the world just that little bit more of a kinder, fairer and more sustainable place.

    All the best!


    Work with me

    I'm always looking to work with the best!


    Update: I am now offering production services on a limited capacity basis via Total Life Complete for leaders/professionals who want hands-on help to think through and produce their (sideline) creative project, book, video and so on.


    Please CONTACT ME

  • Featured Video

    Brett Cowell's Big Good Life - EP2 Daryl Sprout

    In this episode I speak with herpetologist (specializes in the study of reptiles and amphibians), entertainer and energy healer Daryl Sprout. We talk about his Snake Encounters show, which has helped generations to overcome phobias while having fun. We talk about the good life, and changing the world.


    See all Total Life Complete videos on Vimeo HERE

    BCBGL - EP1

    A new "at large" video show called Brett Cowell's Big Good Life (BCBGL) where I see if a #lifestyle show can actually inspire you to change your life in any meaningful way.


    Each episode I bring you the people and topics that have piqued my interest and I write #music inspired by the show. See the discussion on LinkedIn HERE

    B01 with Will Evans

    Books as technology, why following your passion might not be good advice, what hardcore punks and Russian literature can teach us about business, community, translation and more! LinkedIn LINK.


    Will Evans, Jennifer Wester, Brett Cowell

    B01.5 2020 Wrap



    Jennifer Wester and Brett Cowell try to find some light from 2020.

  • Podcast

    The Brett Cowell Show (formerly TLC podcast) is about talking to interesting people about life at the intersection of creativity, leadership and lifestyle.


    Available on: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and TuneIn.

  • The Good Life Book (Link)

    The Good Life Book: A Professional's Guide to Happiness, Balance and Meaning

    Brett Cowell - The Good Life Book

    The Approach

    The book covers my own journey from successful corporate management consultant to creative, and community-minded entrepreneur. I set out to understand what a happier, more balanced and meaningful life might look like and how to live such a life in the real world. The book details a systematic approach to build congruence, authenticity and connection, and your personal definition of a good life, and how to take action and overcome obstacles to living a good life.

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