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    Life explorer. Guide and Advisor. Entrepreneur.

    Artist (Author, Musician, Photographer)

    Who I am

    Authenticity. Outcomes.


    Following a career of almost two decades in management consulting I decided to launch my own concept called Total Life Complete to improve society and business - through ideas, guiding/advisory, experiences and more.


    The Total Life Complete Podcast is about stories and people at the intersection of Art, Business and Community. Feel alive!

    Available on: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and TuneIn.


    You can find me on LinkedIn here, and also see more of my writing at Medium.com here


    Twitter: @brettcowelltw

    Work with me

    If you have an art, business or community project that can use some acceleration or increase in impact, and aims to change the world in large or small ways, then lets talk.

    If you wish to discuss your requirements further, please CONTACT ME

  • Audio and Video

    EP16 - Brett's interview on Total Life Complete Podcast

    I answer the same questions I ask the guests!

    The ABC model of personal change

    Creating a compelling course to a better life!

  • Podcast

    The Total Life Complete Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud

  • Book: Now Available!

    Paperback/Kindle Amazon US and Europe and on Kindle globally.

    Amazon US Link: http://a.co/09ZyaN7

    The Good Life Book: A Professional's Guide to Happiness, Balance and Meaning

    Brett Cowell - The Good Life Book

    The Philosophy

    I’m on a journey to explore what it means to live a total and complete life. And to live such a life every day. To live a life that makes you feel alive and minimizes regrets. A life that is built on passions, and what it means to be human and alive in this era. To make a mark on the world, and make a difference. Join me on the journey as we traverse the worlds of Art, Business and Community, meet and collaborate with interesting people and begin to live the total life complete.

    Brett Cowell - Executive and Professional Coach Dallas, Texas

    Your author and coach

    Changing yourself and the world is both an art and a science, yet it is possible if you put the work in, and if you do the right things in the right way. Let's work together on your road to awakening and to unlocking the potential to make a difference that is already inside you.

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