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  • Total Life Complete - The Blog

  • Brett Cowell


    Author, Entrepreneur, Musician, Photographer, Life explorer. Coach.



    Feeling stuck in a successful management consulting career, I thought back to times when I'd felt truly alive: trekking around Everest in Nepal, as a fledgling entrepreneur and DJ in college, and leading others through transformative experiences as a teacher and mentor.


    All of these experiences had something in common: Having fun, meeting others, learning, growing and making a difference (and a great soundtrack)! I resolved to find a way to make this feeling of aliveness possible for others in their day-to-day, no matter what their location or path through life was.


    Total Life Complete was born to help others, improve society and business, and to continue a personal journey to live a life that makes me feel alive, minimizes regrets and makes a difference.


    The Total Life Complete Podcast is people at the intersection of Art, Business and Community telling their stories about life, creativity and making a difference.


    Available on: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and TuneIn.


    You can find me on LinkedIn here, and also see more of my writing at Medium.com here


    Twitter: @brettcowelltw


    Come along to an event or drop me a line, I'd love to connect and hear your story!

    Work with me

    I work with individuals and organizations to: Increase quality and consistency of outcomes from life/work in a creative way, Deal with increasing demands and complexity and Make a difference and be part of a community.

    If you wish to discuss your requirements further, please CONTACT ME

  • Audio and Video

    Podcast Extras - Randy Mayeux

    I recently caught up with Randy Mayeux again, to talk his top three business books of the past year.

    The ABC model of personal change

    Creating a compelling course to a better life!

    EP16 - Brett's interview on Total Life Complete Podcast

    I answer the same questions I ask the guests!

  • Podcast

    The Total Life Complete Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud

  • The Good Life Book (Link)

    The Good Life Book: A Professional's Guide to Happiness, Balance and Meaning

    Brett Cowell - The Good Life Book

    The Approach

    The book covers my own journey from successful corporate management consultant to creative, and community-minded entrepreneur. I set out to understand what a happier, more balanced and meaningful life might look like and how to live such a life in the real world. The book details a systematic approach to build congruence, authenticity and connection, and your personal definition of a good life, and how to take action and overcome obstacles to living a good life.

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