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  • Your Creative Business Life™

    Creative Leadership Coaching for:

    Leaders/Executives, Founders and Professionals

    The world has changed, the barriers between work and life have disappeared and we are seeking integration, optimization and authenticity, as well as creative new ways to generate value for ourselves and others in changing times, both profit and purpose.


    In response, I've developed a pioneering new creative leadership coaching program, based on Complete, called:


    Your Creative Business Life™

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    Focus on impact and meaningful outcomes

    When I asked my wife to describe me in three words she said: Eccentric, Creative, Intelligent...and then added "in your face". We've been married for over 10 years. She'd also say that I'm known for my acts of service, a core value.


    My consulting clients have said that I'm a smart problem solver, who goes above and beyond, and that I really listen, and they trust me to get the job done, and ultimately with their careers. We set ambitious goals and meet them.


    Coaching is all about chemistry and creating a powerful coaching experience that allows you to tackle your biggest challenges and aspirations over time. I serve you through deep listening and telling you what you need to hear, rather than necessarily what you want to hear. That, and a systematic yet flexible approach to identifying goals and actions, is what gets results. For me, coaching feels just like a great conversation where all sorts of possibilities open up, and are systematically realized. I've gotten to live my dreams of being an author, filmmaker, music producer and business leader, but I'm so humbled and proud of the achievements of those I've worked with over the years. This is why I coach!


    To experience this for yourself, drop a line to coach@totallifecomplete.com


    For 25 years I have consulted and coached leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives on change and transformation. While all reputable coaches will help you to clarify and set your goals, understand the gap between where you are now and where you need to go, and identify actions to close the gap, I've developed a creative perspective - a whole other side to how we can work together, personal and professional ways of working and my own set of frameworks that let you/the organization get the next level faster and more holistically.


    I enjoy speaking with interesting and ambitious people, so if this might be something that you're interested in then reach out at: coach@totallifecomplete.com and let's have an initial conversation, I'll invest the time at no cost to you, and let's see where it goes from there.



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    Innovative, tailored to you!

    I've developed a powerful philosophy and several practical frameworks for growth, leadership and performance improvement based on The Good Life Book, Ascending Growth, and ongoing development through numerous videos and blog posts. Frameworks such as D.R.E.A.M.S, M.E.A.N.S, The Wheel, The ABC Model, The Ascending Growth method, GX - Growth Experience and the Revenue Generation Value Chain (RVC), just to name a few.


    Except, the way we'll work together will be a completely bespoke experience, tailored to your needs and uniqueness. You'll have the peace of mind knowing that the rigor and tools and templates are there, but you are the hero of this story. It is my job to serve you with artistry to help craft the work and life of your dreams. To deliver a powerful experience that exceeds your expectations on every level.


    For me, the "Creative" in "Creative Leadership Coaching" means helping you to bring new tools, practices and mindset to your career and life, to make a breakthrough either individually or in the context of leading a team, or organization. Creative Leadership IS Leadership, but with an enhanced focus on creating an environment that lets new ideas flourish and add ROI, being responsive and prevailing in challenging times.


    Of course, many of the leaders, professionals and others I work with want to delve deeper into specific creative goals: writing a book, hosting a podcast or video show, or starting or growing an entrepreneurial side hustle ("next career") or business. These are all things that I have personal experience in, and areas that I help others with directly. We can flex how we work together to dig deeper into specific creative project goals, in the context of your overall career, creative leadership and life goals, if that is of interest to you.

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    Leaders. Professionals, Entrepreneurs,. Global Organizations

    My individual clients include leaders, professionals, artists/creatives, and entrepreneurs across different sectors, with various specializations and are both female and male.


    I only work with people committed to making a powerful change in their career and life. You are typically already successful but want to step up living on an even higher and deeper level.


    Are you ready? Are you really ready?


    I also work with teams and organizations to operate on a higher and deeper level. My business clients include global blue chip organizations across the Consumer Products/FMCG, Industrial Productions, Technology and Telecommunications sectors.


    All of my clients appreciate the authenticity and passion I bring in to their change journey. And the results I help them get! Don't take my word for it though. Experience it for yourself!


    Contact me at: coach@totallifecomplete.com and let's have our first powerful conversation, and no-risk to you.


    You'll be glad you did.