• Brett Cowell - Creative/business coach

  • Your Creative business life™

    The world has changed, the barriers between work and life have disappeared and we are seeking integration, harmony and authenticity, as well as creative new ways to generate value for ourselves and others.


    In response, I've developed a pioneering new coaching program called:


    Your Creative Business Life™


    Focus on impact and meaningful outcomes

    I’ve spent the last more than two decades helping to increase the impact of people and organizations - through blue-chip and non-profit management consulting, running my own startups, and by producing and collaborating on creative projects.


    During this time I worked with individuals from a range of organizational and creative specializations, from different countries and cultures and from hands on practitioners to board level roles.


    I've seen the potential in cross-fertilizing the mindset, tools and techniques and resources between the fields of art, business and community to achieve more creative and sustainable solutions having greater impact and outcomes.


    Specifically, I focus on using storytelling and creativity to engage and transform individuals, organizations and communities.


    Innovative, tailored to you!

    I've found, from experience, that it is most effective to coach the person/people, purpose and project simultaneously and in creative, integrated and holistic way.


    Although having deep experience as a consulting I prefer to also coach, or even better, collaborate with clients. Success is not only helping a client to deliver a personal or organizational project that impacts the world, but for that client to remain a collaborator, sharing their skills, experience and resources to help others. This applies also to organizational clients, who benefit from sharing practices and experiences with non-competing peers.


    There is a saying that "to teach is to learn twice". By sharing practices and approaches with other clients we lift our own game as individuals or organizations.


    Executive and Professional Clients. Blue Chip Organizations

    My individual clients include executives, artists/creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals across different sectors and with various specializations.


    My business clients include global blue chip organizations across the Consumer Products/FMCG, Industrial Productions, Technology and Telecommunications sectors.


    All of my clients appreciate the authenticity and passion I bring in to their change journey. And the results I help them get!


    Please contact me at: coach@totallifecomplete.com to discuss how to accelerate your personal, professional or organizational goals.


    I offer special rates for an initial 1-hour (US$179) or 2hour (US$199) planning session for new (non-corporate) clients. Standard rates are US$250ph for individual coaching, and $500ph for business/group coaching (2-8ppl at the same time). Please contact me directly regarding Advisory and Consulting requests.

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